From the Rocky Mountains to the World's Top Golf Destinations

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One of the many numerous and wonderful attractions that bring people worldwide to Ireland is to play golf. Here you have world class golfers leaving their mark in the game. Golf rich names such as Palmer, Nicklaus, Ballesteros, Norman, Montgomerie have all created their Irish gem. Not to mention local greats such as Eddie Hackett, Pat Ruddy & Christy O’Connor Jr. showcasing their design talents. With so many great courses in such close proximity to each other, the only problem you’ll have is picking which ones to play!


As infrastructure has improved greatly over the last several years, travelling from Dublin to any city, towns & small villages is much easier. With a population of 6.4 million, Ireland & Northern Ireland is approximately 300Km from east to west and 450 Km from north to south. It is amazing how this great country has over 400 Golf Clubs and its about 1/8 size of Alberta!


Of course the Irish have the ‘craic’. The city buzz of Cork, Galway, Dublin or Belfast to the towns of Killarney, Sligo and Letterkenny, staying entertained is easy. Pubs playing traditional music to the wee hours, a pint or two of the world’s favourite beer, Guinness, so much history to soak up. You might very well have so much fun that you will want to extend your stay. Chances are you could run into an old cousin, as everyone is Irish somewhere down the line!


It will be wonderful to experience Ireland with you, your family and friends!

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