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At any time of year, in the space of an hour or two, you can get all 4 seasons in Ireland. Think of it as one of the many Irish blessings you may encounter. Ensure to bring your wet gear and a toque. It doesn’t rain all the time in Ireland, but to get 40 different shades of green it needs to rain a little!



Spring: offers you good  to decent weather. Western Ireland will always get a bit more rain than the East. Always a bit of wind, dress warmly and hope for the best. Golfing in April and May offers you a more flexible schedule and a few courses offer winter rates into the month of April.


Summer: Windy and a chance of rain. That said, the clouds move quick and you will get the sun. Temperature ranges from 17 – 23 degrees. Variable, enjoyable and never humid.


Autumn:  Similar to spring – mild and dry in the East, with higher chances of rain out West. Dress for cooler temperatures, but it’s always good weather in September. This is the busiest time for golf in Ireland.


Winter: Cold and windy. If you have ever wanted to play true winter golf, here is your chance! The best rates possible, you can get very lucky and get a good week here or there, but that’s the chance you take. An extra layer or 2, wolly hat and mitts to keep you warm.



Average Monthly Temperature


January - 6°C

February - 6°C

March - 7°C

April - 9°C

May - 12°C

June - 14°C

July - 16°C

August - 15°C

September - 14°C

October - 11°C

November - 8°C

December - 7°C